Jabalpur Engineering College

Jabalpur Engineering College, Jabalpur was established on 7 July, 1947 when the entire global chess board was witnessing a dramatic change. It was born just a few months before India broke the shackles of British slavery.This illustrious Institution got the distinction of being the Second Engineering College in India and is the premier institution of Engineering Education in Central India. Thanks to the inspired vision of the great pioneering Principal Dr. S.P. Chakravarti. From a very small room in old Robertson College, this tiny icon has grown into a mighty oak tree, which is now 63 years old and has celebrated its Diamond Jubilee in the year 2007.

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Kaarwaa.N…-A step for the welfare of another India. Kaarwaa.N... is a Volunteer Group found by Jabalpur Engineering College (JEC),Jabalpur students who are committed to work for poor, underprivileged, downtrodden and unaware, with the primary aim to promote ‘girls education’. Through different activities we try to address different issues like education, health and hygiene, environmental issues, government scheme and plans, livelihood and community issues.